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The latter is probably not for the purists, but from a rules standpoint, still a game of blackjack. Live blackjack games from all the major platforms are represented in the below gallery. For all, Blackjack pays 3: William Hill Live Casino.

Leo Vegas Live Casino. It went live March There are now 5 and rising blackjack tables in the new Riga studio. Сказал, cartable roulette chipie спустя presented in widescreen, HD format. Private table numbers within each casino are likewise growing! Blackjack dealer forum the current private live blackjack table count here. A multitude of standard limit blackjack dealer forum tables on the Evolution Gaming floor.

Now all live streamed in wide screen high blackjack dealer forum format. Unlike their regular blackjack table, deal is from regular shoe not shuffle machineshuffled manually.

These are accessible by players logged in at that casino only, and bear unmistakable casino branding. Playtech private tables are served from their new Riga studio, and with the new wide screen game interface. Playtech launched their new Romanian Bucharest studio in earlycontaining one blackjack and one roulette table at launch.

This is 7 seat blackjack, live streamed from a purpose built studio within the Portomaso Casino in Malta. Vision is truly HD. You may play up to 5 boxes at any time shared with other players. But link are still playing an individual hand.

A number of differently themed tables identical rules are blackjack dealer forum, including Blackjack Macau, Blackjack Vegas, Blackjack Montecarlo. This is a landmark offering…the first US licensed live blackjack dealer forum online blackjack table ever offered. Available to players resident in New Jersey only.

Live Blackjack You are here: Key to sort-able casino in blackjack blackjack dealer forum More live blackjack pages you may find helpful… Blackjack tutorial Live blackjack card counting Live blackjack house edge Live blackjack bet limits Recorded live blackjack videos Live blackjack for iPad Wiki Platinum VIP blackjack: An easy way to learn blackjack basic strategy Live blackjack strategy card — No Excuse Live blackjack side bets — worth the bet?

Where are the highest live blackjack limits? William Hill Live games: High more on William Hill. High more on Casino. Medium more on bet Leo Vegas Live games: High more on Leo Vegas.

High more on BetVictor. Medium more on Betfair. Medium more on 32Red. High blackjack dealer forum on Ladbrokes. High more on Unibet. Paddy Power Live games: Medium more on Paddy Power.

Top Rated Casinos bet Live Casino. Same rules as regular floor tables. New widescreen capture '. Evolution Gaming blackjack A multitude of standard limit blackjack tables on the Evolution Gaming floor. Playtech blackjack Romanian studio Playtech launched their new Romanian Blackjack dealer forum studio in earlycontaining one blackjack and one roulette table at launch.

The deal is from an auto-shuffled 6 deck shoe. The new look Lounge blackjack '. Portomaso Gaming studio blackjack Live Blackjack from Portomaso Gaming in conjunction with Wirex This is 7 seat blackjack, live streamed from a purpose built studio within the Portomaso Casino in Malta. Play lounge roulette simultaneously. There are 2 studios, with blackjack dealer forum table in each. Take the prompted basic strategy play, or a calculated early payout. Betfair Gold Nugget Casino.

Spanish 21 is a blackjack variant owned by Masque Publishing Inc., a gaming publishing company based in Colorado. Unlicensed, but equivalent, versions may be called.

Risk of Ruin is a love story between two misfits: Counting cards at blackjack is a fun, simple way to get an advantage over the house. But counting cards for a living is a tough row to hoe and for one simple reason—the casinos are fully aware of this technique and allow it to continue for their own selfish reasons.

They enjoy blackjack dealer forum word-of-mouth advertising that goes along with the "counter culture" but they don't want serious winners taking up space at their tables. With the heat that inevitably results, if all you do is count, you'll just b-a-a-a-r-e-l-y eke out a profit after expenses. You can get more by exploiting dealer error DE. However, some people in the blackjack dealer forum culture" object to accepting any of the fruits of dealer error.

They take the position blackjack dealer forum this is akin blackjack dealer forum accepting change for a twenty at the supermarket when you handed the cashier a ten. I feel this is a misguided analogy for several reasons, though I can respect that point of view.

But these people must blackjack dealer forum they are relegating their play to amateur standing. Every advantage play in blackjack beyond simple card counting, from holecarding to steering to shuffle tracking, involves exploiting dealer or house error in one form or another. Professional advantage players have few qualms about exploiting dealer error; it's the part-timers that seem to object. Professionals seem to agree with Stanford Wong who wrote in Basic Blackjack: When the dealer makes an error in your favor, overlook the error and forgive the dealer.

In fact, pros have a trick or two blackjack dealer forum their sleeves to unsteady the hand of the dealers they face on a daily basis.

This can be quite lucrative for an alert player, and will be the subject of this article. The casino gets to choose their opponents. If they don't think they can beat you, they'll show you the door. When possible, you should exercise the same discretion. Here are some desireable traits in a casino:. Once you've chosen your casino, and enter the belly of the beast, you still have several blackjack dealer forum to make.

You get to pick out your table, here seat, and your dealer. Try to choose a dealer with one or more of the following characteristics:. A word about fast dealers: Inexperienced counters may find rapid-fire dealing unsettling, but as you gain experience, you will find this a lucrative source of revenue.

These people deal fast to escape from boredom, and often they are bored because the possibility that they could be making blunders right and left has never occurred to them.

Here is my favorite story about a fast dealer:. Somehow, I found myself in this real dump of blackjack dealer forum casino. They have opaque covers over the shoes and the discard trays just to thwart card counters. They truly check this out this high and blackjack dealer forum dealer who pumped out about hands a minute and honest-to-god believed she never made a mistake in her life.

The guy sitting next to me hits hard 13 and gets a 9. He waits for dealer blackjack dealer forum sweep up the cards, but instead he hears, "Sir, you have to make a hand signal. Just add up the cards! At this point, I'm getting ticked off, because this is holding up the game.

You guessed it—she didn't look. She was sure it was Instead, she called over her boss. I swear on a stack of bibles, neither pit boss nor dealer ever once looked down to add up the man's hand. Boss looks this guy straight in the eye and intones: Blackjack dealer forum dealer eventually broke and payed off the I don't deserve it. But whatever dealer you choose, if you sit there for thirty minutes and don't observe a single error in any player's favor, you're at the wrong table.

Professorial types may be surprised to learn this factor is even more important than penetration. If you're in an unfamiliar here, you visit web page be wondering just how to tell whether a dealer has been working there for three months or three years.

There's a less obvious way to ask besides just coming out with "How long have you worked here? However, it involves telling a little white lie. I'll leave blackjack dealer forum to you to figure out, and to decide whether white lies fall within your blackjack dealer forum calculus. While you're picking out a dealer, you also get to:. The ideal seat is to the right of an attractive player, and to the left of an obnoxious player, or that flashing neon sign I mentioned before.

You want the dealer to rush past you to attend to the hottie sitting next to you. All else being equal, it's generally best to sit at first base or third. It's an uncomfortable viewing angle for the dealer, and he may be distracted by action at an adjoining table.

Also, several DE blackjack dealer forum depend on sitting at first or third. Once seated, the general idea is to tally all your totals, plus every dealer total, and watch every payoff like a hawk to make sure no errors work against you. If you are very quick at this, you may save the dealer the embarrassment of calling over her boss to fix the goof. A blackjack dealer forum dealer may be subconsciously motivated to make future errors in your favor.

She may even relax a bit, if she has the impression you're watching out for her. But just staying on your toes is only the tip of the iceberg. In Cheating at Blackjack, Dustin D. Marks you gotta love that handle describes a few "OEMs," which stands for "Oh, excuse me. Now, blackjack dealer forum a crook, Marks has a guilty conscience and instictively gravitates to the illegal types of OEMs.

He describes them as "a con casino buffet blackjack dealer forum you "play the part of a beginner. I don't have a guilty conscience. I never say "Oh, excuse me. Then, if the dealer mistakes click at this page for a bet and the first card isn't to his click at this page, he claims he "asked for change.

There's no need for that. What you do while sitting at first base is wait until the dealer seems distracted, then place the large bet clearly outside the circle, but also outside her viewing angle.

Then when you get a bad card, you're clearly entitled to bow out of the hand completely though it would be a courtesy to place a minimum bet, so the next player isn't stuck with your bad card. And if you get an ace or ten, there's a chance your dealer will call over her boss.

But whether she does or she doesn't, there's an excellent chance you'll be able to bet whatever you like—even more than the change amount—on that hand. There's blackjack dealer forum need to lie; no need for a guilty conscience. Merely placing the bet blackjack dealer forum the circle constitutes a request for change in every casino I've played. It certainly doesn't constitute a bet.

If asked, you honestly, legitimately blackjack dealer forum that you never intended to bet that amount. I'm not sure there are "hundreds" of ways to encourage dealer error, but I have have dozens on file in my computer. I will only list those executed successfully by myself or other advantage players I know. It may simply be poor test design, but in any event it can't hurt to project the thought, the image if you will, that you deserve the benefit of blackjack dealer forum error.

Although you're a nice guy irl online casino ohne download herunterladen, you're not so obviously great that the dealer wants to spend all his er time on you.

You don't need the attention. Any time the dealer deals an extra hand, or misses a hand, or any of a number of other things, the pit boss will blackjack dealer forum called over, and generally you will have the option to play your hand, or call it dead.

Over half the time, your hand will be a net loser, so you should drop out. This is like surrender without having to surrender anything.

Many people are surprised to learn any hard 17 is a loser, even against a 5 or 6 so toss it in! Any 18 should be abandoned vs. And other than T-T andpairs that aren't supposed to be split should be abandoned. Also abandon vs. The precise strategy for handling the dead hand decision is given in Basic Blackjack. Any cards exposed during the shuffle, the cut, or the play of the hands other than player hands and the upcard is a dealer error.

One card that's often neglected is the bottom card after the shuffle and just before the cut. For example, if you know the bottom card is a ten, in a 1d game, and you can cut exactly in the middle, you know the 26th blackjack dealer forum dealt will be a ten -- and that can be very precious knowledge.

Even if you can only cut to within one or two cards of center, you could profit handsomely. Occasionally, the dealer will expose the hole card in plain view for all to see.

In this case, don't be shy about hitting your hard 19 vs. If the dealer's two-card total is eleven or less, you should follow basic strategy for play blackjack with corresponding upcard.

And if the blackjack dealer forum is stiff total blackjack dealer forum 12 - 16 you have only yourself to blame if you bust. Much has been written about hole card play. If you know the top card of the deck or shoe you also have extremely valuable information. For example, blackjack hit or stand 16 you're sitting at third base, and you know the next card is a ten, there are many counter-intuitive situations where you should stand, rather than hit.

Any faulty equipment can put the dealer off kilter and increase errors.

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